The Metal Hand of God began as small Xbox gaming community in 2005. The name comes from the strong love of metal music and has nothing to do with religion. It has now evolved into many other things, including this amazing and kick ass podcast! The MHOG Podcast is about all the things you love, hate and maybe even never heard of. We are a no holds barred pop culture, comedy, music, just about anything and everything you can think of . 

Your hosts Wayne and Justin aka the RumGuy  bring a weekly discussion about news, events, whatever they feel is interesting and feel like talking about. We also have many segments brought to you by our many segment hosts/family members. We also have tons of special guests, host live shows and tons of surprises. So with all that said thank you and enjoy our little slice of madness !!


Your Hosts


​ Wayne was forged in a Sharknado of love ! He was created by the will of Zeus and the beauty of Aphrodite! When the 2 combined it caused an explosion that woke the dead and made the skies bleed... He crawled out of the fire with the charisma of the forked tongue demon and as compassionate as one of the almighty Seraphim. He combines these talents along with his love of music, his knowledge of pop culture and his quick wit to become this host of the madhouse known as the Metal Hand of God ( MHOG ) podcast.He is one of the incredibly talented individuals that grace the show with insanity, comedy, intelligence and a in your face look into the world around us.

 Wayne is one of a kind, he's brilliant, he is the best thing in podcasting today and he is writing all of this as you are reading it... if you haven't figured that out already. That is why it sounds like Wayne ( Me ) is an incredible person, because someone thought it would be a great idea to have me write about myself !! Who in their right minds would make themselves sound shitty ?? NOT ME !! Well folks thank you for reading this and listening to our show ! Without you all there would be no SHOW.. ( well there would be just with no listeners ) ... Thanks again , we love you all and remember to KEEP IT METAL !!!


  Justin aka The Rumguy...This Guy...Where do we start?  Musician, Artist, Accident Prone,True Old School DJ Pirate has had a lifetime of experiences both good and bad to pull from that make history telling interesting and strangely funny. As part of the show he works well with the rest of the crew and tends to have a different take on a lot of topics that compliments Wayne and MHOG guests as well. Politically correct is not a popular concept with him. He feels most people that get offended easily need to grow up and shut up. "Life is hard enough, I don't have time too worry if your overly sensitive brain can handle my truth." We are not sure what really goes on in his head. But it definitely makes for some unique conversation's.

CO-Hosts, Crew and MHOG Family

  The loud mouth, metaphysical, far from typical, delightfully charming, observational, story based, insightfully shocking, high paced energetic stylings of Kyle Smith, aka The Maniacal Menace. New Orleanian born and raised. A 6yr comic, influenced by Dane Cook, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Louis Ck, Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope just to name a few. Electrician by day and entertainer by night, a member of many groups, such as Young Funny, Metal Hand of God (M.H.O.G.). Ran a weekly and still ongoing open mic every Tuesday "The Spontaneous Show"(with young funny) consistently active, in many fields of entertainment, including poetry and also honing his skills in acting, improvisation, and sketch comedy with the ever improving dynamite of a guy, the hilarious powerhouse himself Kyle Smith

He also does the incredible segment A Dreamers Journey and has his very own podcast Tell Me A Joke ....

If you want to listen to Kyle's incredible podcast please click the link below:

Tell me a Joke: the guideline to chasing a dream


  Kevin Smith is one of the last surviving members of the house of El the last son of krypton. He became the champ by beating out JAK Locke and Mad Mart for best and most frequent podcast guest then became the champ champ by beating out the infamous buck lightning at sober october 2018. Before becoming a host he was featured on a segment Kevin Kalls the Klan. He is the no filtered unapologetic usually offensive hood scholar of the MHOG. Also unlike Kyle Smith his pull out game is weak as shit so he has lots of kids


   Born in the blasted wastes of England, Also known as the dark VOID.  Mad Mart Flannagan was raised by wolves, on a diet of the tears of baby seals and the hearts of woodland creatures.He spends his spare time kicking puppies and making shoes from the carcasses of endangered species 

With love of Metal, movies and a hatred of self-censorship resulted in the animal who now stands before you.

He is definitely not Harry fucking Potter.

  Hey world, it's Matt. Here's a little about me, I have a wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs and 3 cats. I was born in 1980 and grew up in and around Kansas City. I have worked in the veterinary industry for over 20 years and currently travel the USA and Canada for work. As a side gig, I do licensed sketch card work for Topps trading cards. I have worked on Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trading card. I also host the segment World VS Matt right here on the MHOG podcast.

There is more to my tale, World, but you will have to listen to find out.


  Zack " the Kidd " Cook!! Once the drummer for the hardcore punk band Black Kreole and a concert goer before he was even born has knowledge on music that will blow your mind. He resurches everything detail to the tee and will bring you the facts. Now drumming for local heavyweight Jak Locke in multiple of his projects. He also hosts the Full Metal Music review segment right here on the show.


  Amanda Jane is your co-host with Kidd Cook for the Full Metal Music News segment, and quite an entertainer herself. As a concert go-er for all of her life, starting from her first concert as a baby to the band Chicago, including going to local shows and supporting the local music scene, and has attended well over 100 concerts, she knows her music and is very passionate about it! Amanda Jane also used to be a burlesque performer for 5 years, and has performed in many shows, including opening up for Corey Feldman, and successfully produced her own shows that were big hits! She also loves to sing, and is currently in a band with her co-host and New Orleans favorite local musician Jak Locke as the front female vocalist. Because of her entertaining success, knowledge of music, and her unwavering support and love for music, she’s the perfect host for Full Metal Music News. Fuck yeah

 Rusty " Tha Bigone " was forged from steel in a world full of snowflakes and titty baby’s. Thabigone, not just the man you wanted but he’s the man you needed. Sports reporters of today say everyone needs a trophy. Bigone says fuck no!!! You gotta earn that shit!!! With a “ Yeah buddy” and “ that’s what’s up”... So listen for me  right here on the MHOG podcast .. unless you are just to much of a baby !!


  My name is Scott D. and my gamer tag is TNRook... Cause i'm a straight bad ass! I've been  playing games ( video, board, card,...etc ) for as long as I can remember. I used to play competitively for Gears of War back on the 360. Nowadays I'll play pretty much anything as long as I can have fun doing it. So i do the END GAME segment here on this podcast because there is not a soul alive that even comes close to beating me! So check me out and come play !!! 


 Jerret "Wiredawg" Smith
From California now living in Everett WA. Stoned is the way of the walk and the talk! Wiredawg is the host of the doppest segment on the MHOG podcast ... Pot Toughts... Its everything you need and want to know about the green leafy trees of goodness from GOD himself. 

dangerous dustin.jpg

  Hello my name is Dustin Gros aka Dangerous Dustin. I was born in Thibodaux Louisiana. I'm a foodie and a very nerdy guy. I like to read comics and books. I like playing video,board, and card games. I collect comic cards,action figures, comic books, and POPs! I started doing food reviews a couple of years ago. I started eating hot stuff probably in high school. I started eating extremely hot stuff a couple of years ago. I've done the One Chip challenge, Death Nut Challenge, and the Satan's Toe challenge. I'm ready to take on all challenges and challengers .. bring them ALL on !! I was asked by Wayne to do a food review segment for the podcast and that is how you got Dangerous Dustin's Snack Shack.. Hope you enjoy !!

Dirtle T.jpg

  Here is the master of insanity the host of The Chairholder's Astonishing Claims and Staggering Ideas Mr. Dirtle Tilbury .....As a Chairholder, Dirtle Tilbury has been put through hell to reach this point in his life. Chairs are difficult to hold. Especially with people in them. They are challenging, at best, when they must be....held to such.....hights. A life of holding chairs has been an uphill battle, in the snow, both ways, on hands and feet, backwards, with broken wrists but, Dirtle has pushed past the terrible name calling and hateful comments about his family's heritage. His tender heart and soft hands would help you through anything....anytime.....especially when you need a chair held. He will be there for you. Through long walks on the beach, he has realized a pure and passionate hatred for the beach and its inability to harbor normal chairs. The beach is a giant abrasive with an increased probability for melanomas everywhere you look. Nevermind the chair holding. Why would one need a beach? How could the beach be such a happy place? Sunbathing? That's not a real thing. That's just cooking yourself.


  K.E.B. is not only a great photographer and videographer, but she is also Wayne's wife and the mother of the Boss. She also deserves a place in heaven for having to deal with us on a weekly basses. She puts up with a lot from us and we are all grateful that she does. She does incredible work with a camera but also with being a mother and wife. Thank you for all you do and put up with...

So if you need photos click the link below 
KEB Photography 


  WB3 "The BOSS' ... We all know who really runs this podcast !! He has made his presence known in tons of episodes and what he says goes... and you dont forget it !! Its his show and you all are just puppets for him to play games with !! So when hes on the show, sit back and let the insanity in !!!!


 My name is Ryan . I'm just a regular dude who loves movies and metal. I do freelance video work for a living and have been in a few movies. I just like to make cool stuff and listen to good music. I am also a graphic artist and kind of a horror celebrity ( Noodle Dome in Circus of the Dead ) . 


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