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A Interview With Deiter Laser

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

On this interview we have the chance to sit down and talk with actor Dieter laser. You would know him best from his rules in the human centipede one and three. In one he played the  incredible role of the doctor and in 3 he played the role of the warden. We were lucky enough to have him take the time out of his schedule to do this incredible interview with us. We are extremely grateful for him to come on the show in this capacity at all. So without further ado below is our first interview for our new MHOG Asks The Questions. Enjoy and thank you...

Here we go:

The MHOG interview 

1. Do you feel that there are any differences in filming in that genre of movie ( horror etc  ) overseas in comparison to filming it in America And if so what might they be?

In America the actor has much more responsibility for his part and therefore much more fun than in Europe.

2. What kind of influences do you call upon to help you create characters for your roles?

Reading the script a hundred times and day-dreaming over it. Going to places which are related to the story and the character. Writing down the character’s lines a hundred times by hand. Being alone and in silence as much as possible to give phantasy some space.

3. In the Human Centipede you played the legendary Dr as we all know and love. So our question is if you had to sew those people together as in the movie .. How long would it have taking you? 

As my own copy-cat it would become a never ending total mess as in Centipede 2.

4. When you are home relaxing, what film genre is your favorite to watch? 

Thrillers with horror elements.

5. What is one of your most amazing moments on a movie set?

When I jumped out of the wrong window during a fight-scene at the 10th floor of a building shell and only could grab the edge of the safety mattress - that was an amazingly frightening moment.

6. How long have you been acting and what is one of your most favorite past rolls ( besides the dr in human centipede )?

I started on stage as an extra and got my first contract at the age of 18. - My most favorite past role is always the most recent one, but since I’m totally disappointed by the  film November I nominate my beloved cartoon Bill Boss in The Human Centipede part 3.

7. If you had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of your life , what would it be and why? 

1 banana, 1 apple and a chunk of ginger mixed up into 60 grams of oatmeal soaked in water. Makes you slightly aggressive, gives long lasting power and a fearless good mood.

8. Are you a big music fan and what is your favorite type of music to listen to ? 

The classics, Bob Dylan, the Stones, Doors, Rare Bird, Beatles, but nothing can beat Mozart.

9. What got you into the movie/film industry and did you always want to be an actor?

I always wanted to be an actor and after 14 passionate years on stage I got my first movie offer: the title-role in John Glueckstadt for which I won the German Film Award in Gold for Best Actor in a leading part.

10. What can we expect to see from you in the near future? ( are you working on any new projects film/tv etc.... ) 

I’ve written a couple of scripts based on some novels because I’m an interpreter and not a genuine writer. My dream would be to direct and play my Nazi horror script Total Eclipse. And I’m waiting for a good villain offer because I turn down all nice Grandpa roles.

11. Is there anything to extreme in a film that you wouldn’t  even consider doing ? 

Nothing can be too extreme provided the part, the script and the story make sense and contain an immanent but well hidden message.

12. If you had a superpower what would it be and why? 

The power to get access to the really important producers and to seduce them to read Total Eclipse. Why is obvious.

13. If you could ask any celebrity ( dead or alive ) a question ( just one ) what would it be and to who? 

I would like to ask God why he’s so gruesome?

14. If you could human centipede any 3 people together who would it be and why?

To “play“ villains you have to be a very nice guy - I wouldn’t be able to centipede people.

15. You have been making movies and television in Germany since the 70’s what is one of your projects you think people need to see?

Nobody needs to see anything. It’s only a question of personal taste.

16. Being an actor is a tough profession to get into and we really appreciate you taking your time to answer our questions ( no matter how silly some were ). So with this last question we’d like you to tell future actors and actresses some words of Encouragement or just something that helped you in continuing your dream of being an actor and kept you moving forward in an industry that could be so demanding and hard to continue in?

Dr Heiter would say „surgery is a matter of life and death and at the same time don’t give a shit.“ Same applies to acting.



Again thank you and we hope you enjoyed our written interview with The incredible dieter laser. This is only the beginning of our new interview page we hope you enjoyed it and there will be plenty more coming your way exclusively to MHOG podcast website.. so stay tuned keep listening and always keep it metal!!

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