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The Extraordinary Catherine Sutherland

MHOG: How did you get into acting and what was your first roll professionally? 

CS: I can't remember a time when I wasn't performing actually! I started dancing at 5 years of age, playing piano at age 7 which lead to singing and acting lessons. I was in school musicals and plays in elementary school and at 14 went to a performing arts school in Sydney called McDonald College. Creative arts was my LIFE! I began modelling professionally when I was 18 which was a great was to support myself. My first paid acting job was a commercial for So Good soy milk in Australia. My first REAl acting job was a Pantomime for children in Australia where I played a princess called Dilly dream who would fall asleep mid sentence. It was fun.

MHOG: That’s amazing that you have been pushing for something in the entertainment industry all your life and you have an incredible talent such as playing the piano. Do you still play?

CS: Sadly NO!

MHOG: Well that’s understandable with all you do it’s hard to find time to keep up the practice. So how did you get the incredible roll of the Pink Ranger ?

CS: My agent called me with an audition for an American Children's show. Power Rangers wasn't airing in Australia yet!

MHOG: Was it a shock when you found out it was for the Power Rangers and how large of a show it actually was since it wasn’t airing in Australia?

CS: I was just shocked and thrilled to be moving to Hollywood and booking a series regular role!!

MHOG: Was the roll of the Pink Ranger very physical and if so did you ever get injured while doing a scene?

CS: We had an amazing stunt team that made us look amazing! In Zeo we actually did very little stunt work. We did do more in Turbo. The Turbo movie i did hurt my ankle jumping off the cliff but nothing serious. You'll notice its not me if you pay attention. They put a very bad wig on a stunt double.: )))

MHOG: I’ve noticed in movies and other shows that happening sometimes. I’m sure it looked fine on the show..How does it feel to be known for a character that people love, admire and even want to become ?

CS: It's a HUGE honor. I pinch myself to think people still care about my character and our show after all these years! It's been 25 years since I joined this franchise! I am grateful to have been such a positive role model to so many kids. It is a gift in my life that keeps on giving.

MHOG: Yes, it blows me away the longevity of this incredible show. In fact I have a four-year-old son that is now discovering the Power Rangers and is in love with the show. I’m sure you hear that quite often at conventions and other events that you attend.

CS: And that is why the show continues on. Fans that grew up watching the show and now sharing it with the next generation. I love that you can share it with your son! How nostalgic.

MHOG: What was one of the wildest moments you’ve ever experienced on the set of the show?

CS: During the filming of the Turbo movie, JDF and I were in Tennessee for the scene where I fall off the cliff and he jumps after me. It was a very "rugged" filming situation so we didn't even have trailers. We had to share a car to change. I was napping in the car and was awoken to a face at the window that I didn't recognize. A fan had gotten onto the set and was looking in the window sating "I think it's her!" That was a little wild and unsettling to say the least : )

MHOG: Wow I’d say so.. I think that would scare or unsettle anyone. I hope they tightened up security after that event happened.

CS: Um, no not really...hahaha!

MHOG: well we are glad nothing horrible happened to you or anyone else for that matter. Now a days we see you do the convention circuit and that’s incredible. Have you ever had a bad experience with a fan or a convention and would you elaborate on either situation?

CS: To be honest not really. We have the most amazing fans. Sometimes people may say things about you being their "second favorite" or say "I really hated Kat at first" but most of my experiences have been positive.

MHOG: Well that’s great cause I’ve heard some horrible things from others that have had bad experiences with fans, guests and Convention employees/volunteers. You wouldn’t believe some of the things people say to other people or do to other people without even batting an eye. So what is the proudest moment in your career to date ?

CS: I am really proud to be one of the longest running Rangers. I got to be part of 3 seasons of the show and  the movie. I was the first international cast member too!

MHOG: That is definitely something to be proud of. Not many people can say that they were on three seasons of a show and can say they were one of the longest running cast members. I had no idea you were the first international cast member as well. That is truly cool and definitely a badge of honor to wear.

Is there any star/celebrity you got to meet that you were totally star struck over ?

CS: Nelson Mandela. Oprah Winfrey and Dolly Parton were up there too!

MHOG: That’s an incredible list of people. Here’s a question off topic if you were stranded in another Dimension and you had a choice between eating one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why ?

CS: Sushi because it's my favorite!!!

MHOG: Now that’s a great answer. We are huge fans of the sushi as well. Now do you do adventurous sushi or are you strictly a Crunchyroll, California roll, a Philly roll stuff like that kind of person?

CS: I guess I am adventurous although I don't do the crazy stuff like smelt and Octopus. I like yellow tail sashimi, salmon...I do eat the raw stuff. I like that best.

MHOG: So now that we’ve come to our last question. I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your life during all this insanity. We really appreciate this and hope you and yours are all safe and healthy. So in all the years you have been a actor would there be one roll ( past or present ) that you would love to play before you retire ?

CS: Danarys Targarean aka Kalessi from GOT! She is fierce!! Probably a little past it at this point but I love that role. She is strong and brave and passionate! Just love that character.

MHOG: Wow that is an incredible character to play and I think he would be a perfect fit for the character. I just want to say thank you again so much for your time and for doing this interview with us and we’d love to have you on the actual show one day if possible.

CS: Thank you for the fun questions and I look forward to hopefully meeting you in person one day soon!

MHOG: We do as well.

MHOG: Well there you have it, and be great interview with one of the great icons in pop culture today. We’ve learned a lot about Miss Sutherland. She is not only a great actor, but she also loves her fans, loves sushi and she is an artist of many talents. So if you are ever at a convention and you see the name Catherine Sutherland ( the Pink Ranger ) be sure to go say hi, be respectful and thank her for years of incredible entertainment. She is one of the greats and we are truly honored to have had this opportunity to speak with her. Til the next time ....Remember MHOG asks the questions you want!!

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