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Wild Man himself Mr Manny Puig

MHOG: When did you start working with wild animals and how did you get into it ? 

Manny: I started at age 4 with lizards and land crabs. I was interested in wild animals. I wasn't taught i learned on my own with God's grace. It's a gift from God

MHOG: Wow that’s incredible. The fact that you learned all on your own. I also take it that you’re a very religious man?

Manny : I am a Christian

MHOG: That’s great and something to be incredibly proud of . So dealing with all these predatorial animals what’s the scariest moment you’ve had with a animal ?

Manny: There were uncountable amount of dangerous encounters but the bite from western diamondback rattlesnake it took the longest time to recover. Never recovered fully.

MHOG: Wow that’s incredible, you my friend are lucky to still be with us. So thank goodness for that. Since you’ve been dealing with animals such  as sharks, bears and many other dangerous creatures for quiet sometime is there still a bit of fear that you experience during and before dealing with them?

Manny: I wasn't afraid most of the time but i was careful i felt at home diving in at night in a swamp full gators or in the middle of a shark feeding frenzy. I’m not sure it's a good idea to do that and i won't do it any more unless it's necessary. I am older and a bit wiser now. The several bites from dangerous creatures is a warning to slow down. What i did was the right thing for me at the time. Today i mostly do my art work

MHOG: That’s amazing because I know I wouldn’t feel at ease in a night swamp dive, nor a shark frenzy. So lets talk your art. You make primitive weaponry, jewelry and other items. What got you started with doing this? 

Manny: I was an artist as a child another gift from God. I was always interested in history couldn't find the spears tridents and knives made the way i wanted so l had to make them myself.

MHOG: I know exactly how you felt but I was nowhere near as talented as you to be able to make my own. Your work is top notch and looks amazing . If anyone was interested in purchasing any of your weapons or other items could they and if so where ? 

Manny: Get me on Instagram the same way you did. 

MHOG: Awesome that’s easy enough. So what’s your favorite weapon or art piece to make and do you actually test out each weapon ? 

Manny: My favorite are the tridents and i have used the big ones on wild boar and the smaller ones on tilapia. I also used them under water. I catch a lot of fish and shark and gator by hand. And i have caught a lot of fish with my knives, Barracuda with buck knife and Tilapia by hand..

MHOG: That’s so incredible!! Do you take people on hand fishing charters ?

Manny: Not really but it can be arranged...

MHOG: That’s really good to know. We’d love to do something like that...We also love primitive weaponry (swords, axes, bows, shields etc.... ) .  This is a off topic question.Do you think if modern wars were fought today using these types of weapons that we would have as many wars/conflicts as we do now ?

Manny: Most of the technology advances are do to war every one trying to get the upper hand history of world is mostly war. In a Roman battle field you might have seen 50000 dead in one day no prisoners. True Christians brings peace when possible. If you're a country back then and now if you don't have a good military you could be in big trouble..

MHOG: That’s so true. Without any conflict or bad things there wouldn’t have the advances in medicine or technology. Also I guess with today’s advances of weaponry we get less dead and quicker ends to conflicts. I agree 100% on that’s last statement.

MHOG: Now most people know you from working with the guys in jackass, so it would go with out saying that I have to  ask you a few questions of your experience with the show. How did you get involved with the show and did you know what you were getting into when they first approached you to do the show and Are you and the guys still close ?

Manny: I had no idea what i was getting into. I was told that these really stupid guys were looking for me to be on there show and i went i am still friends with them.

MHOG: That’s hysterical and great to know that even though you had no idea what you were getting yourself into, you made lasting friendships. So you did work the guys on the show Wildboyz as well. How hard was it to film Wildboyz and who was harder to deal with the animals or the guys ?

Manny: I did a lot on wild Boyz often putting the guy's and myself in danger.

MHOG: Wow is there any stories or  incidents that you could tell us about that truly stands out and was there ever something that was suggested that was just to insane to do on the show and what was it ? 

Manny: There is the time when Stevo almost got taken by a mako shark and when i took Chris and Jeff to swim at night in gator infested swamp, we got in the water with killer whales in Alaska and we swam with Grizzly in Alaska.

MHOG: Wow that’s truly incredible. I’m sure the experience was a once in a lifetime for most people but you get to live it over and over. You live a truly blessed and incredible life. So before our last question I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. We really appreciate you taking the time and answering these questions. We really respect what you do and are honored to have you on our show.

MHOG: So for our last question we’d like to know what   can we expect to see from you in the future ? 

Manny: On tv not sure.

MHOG: What about just in general? You know in your everyday life, do you have any future plans? 

Manny: just live day by day 

MHOG: Well I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your life to do this interview and give us a small look into your life. It was a great interview and we are lucky to have you a part of our show, our lives and this world. Would you like to say one more thing to your fans, friends and future fans ?

Manny: Put your trust in God. Believe in Jesus Christ.

MHOG: Couldn’t have closed out this amazing interview in a more appropriate way. In my opinion Manny Puig is truly a one of a kind human being. He does such extreme and extraordinary things that all of us dream about in fantasies or nightmares. He’s swam with sharks,gators and whales. He’s dealt with bears, Hogs and Jackasses. He makes incredible weaponry, art and still finds the time to walk hand in hand with his religious beliefs. This man is a truly beautiful individual, we should all feel blessed that he is on this earth and we can experience his life in some little way. So with all that said thank you Mr Puig for you being you and we look forward to seeing the next adventure you call life brings you . 

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