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Drunken Lullabies is a podcast hosted by Dustin Wikoff along with co-host Blake Shemansky. Both avid craft beer and music enthusiasts, they sit down once a week to try some new beers and listen to some music from bands they think you need to hear. Joined by a rotating cast of friends, they will try 3-4 different beers a show, giving some history and their thoughts on each one. Throw in some humor, a drinking game for the listeners to join in along with the hosts; you’re never quite sure what will happen. So tune in for some inebriated laughs and Drunken Lullabies with Dustin & Blake. May your music be loud and your beers cold. Cheers


Jason and the Podcasting God Blake Clayton (amen) take a break from the grind and sit down on our favorite loveseat every week to watch and discuss some of the most odd and misunderstood television pilots of the past.  There is such a treasure trove of bizarre viewing out there and we're just the jerks to dig em' up and make a show about them.  Watch along with us and join in on the conversation!


Most call it crap, some call it funny, and one person called it the Daily Show on Bath salts. The Lowblow podcast is the only source obscure news consolidated into one show. With segments like “ Your dead, We’re loving it” and “ Whats your penis in now” Lowblow takes all the news no once cares to talk about and brings it to light….. Also Florida comes up a lot… SORRY!!


Kevin and Steph like to think they're not your average newlyweds. They like to try new things- including a podcast! They sit down once a week to chat about current events, professional wrestling, trashy reality TV, and everything in-between. This unlikely couple’s passive aggressive banter will keep you on your toes, and prove that marriage is anything but mundane.




For over 8 years the "The Podcasting God" Blake Clayton and his cast of co-hosts have been bringing you the latest roots music and comedy via the interweb. It Burns When I Pee is a weekly podcast that combines current events, games, personal stories, and adult humor for an entertaining hour that promises to make you laugh out loud. Hear Intern Heather report on crazy, but true news stories, a rousing game of It Burns When I Sing, a vape review with Big E,  or maybe a surprise guest interview from time to time as well. You never know what will be said next so subscribe today and don't miss another episode.... otherwise you will miss out on all those inside jokes.


Sex with Heather is a lot like actual sex with Heather: short, sweet, and a whole lot of information you didn't think you would get. Sex with Heather is more than just a podcast co-hosted by a heather plant and a human named Heather about sex - its a conversation, open dialogue, a stepping stone in a relationship that shall continue until the heather bush perishes. Knock on wood (not a euphemism). In beautifully short episodes ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, learn about your body, laugh about meat suits, and open your heart to the special bond between humanity and horticulture.


The Song: Inside & Out is a spin-off podcast of IBWIP. "The Podcasting God" Blake Clayton has taken his 8 years of interviewing roots music artists on IBWIP and put a new twist on it.  Blake welcomes a different singer/songwriter to the show on each episode and they dive deep into a specific one of their songs. It's an intimate conversation that goes beyond just normal interview questions. Some of the guests that have appeared on the show include: James Hunnicutt, Joey Henry (of The Calamity Cubes), Ray Vietti (of The Harmed Brothers, and Lester Raww (of The Pine Box Boys) just to name a few. If you want to go beyond just hearing your favorite artists songs then this is the podcast for you.


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