The Segments 

and their HOSTS

Wacky World of Sports 

         YOUR HOST

Rusty aka " Tha Bigone " 

  Big ones wacky world of sports is the news and information segment covering sports and athletic competition around the world. If people are doing it, Bigone finds it. Bigone tells you about it and Bigone makes fun of it. With his shaker full of pre-workout and a lip full of tobacco, he holds nothing sacred.

Rant From the CHAMP

                    YOUR HOST

Kevin Smith " The CHAMP CHAMP "

It's the uncensored, unapologetic usually offensive thoughts of a black kryptonian living in a soft ass nerfed up sissyfied world! Welcome to Rant From The Champ !

MAN Of A Billion Sayings 



 This segment is a mysterious one. These are saying brought to you by the MHOG podcast but are given to us by an unknown source. These are astounding and mind boggling. We do not take responsibility for any actions or any kind of brain trama these my cause. We hope you enjoy this incredible segment. 



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